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Betfred Acca Deals Could be a Lucky Break

One of the UK’s top bookmakers is offering fans acca insurance on accumulator bets that let fans enjoy value back on a near-miss losing choice and rewards them with a free bet. This bet could, potentially, put fans back on the winning team when wagered effectively. It’s a blessing to seasoned punters as it means there’s a safety net available even when things don’t turn out as planned. With the acca insurance Betfred is offering, fans could stand to make more wagers with less stress and more peace of mind, and it’s available now.

A Betfred Acca Free Bet Could Put the Action Back on Track

Betfred has been a familiar face to Britain’s players for some time, establishing an enviable reputation amongst the nation’s bookmaking market, thanks to famously good service and a range of some of the most competitive odds around. Thanks to Betfred accumulator insurance, it seems as if the company has once again given punters an edge on the competition.

The Very Latest Betfred Acca Insurance Offers

This new deal could be a life-saver for punters looking to keep their losses down so they can go the extra mile on their winning wagering. Their latest insurance policy should be enough to keep veteran punters happy, insofar as that it offers a return back on a wide selection of football markets. Thanks to a flexible approach that puts the punter first, it’s never been easier to wager with confidence in the knowledge that there are safeguards in place to ensure a return on a wide range of bets even if things don’t work out as planned.

Betfred Football Acca Insurance

In short, the offer covers a wide selection of the top football markets in Europe, where the hottest action can always be found. Essentially the deal works by letting fans make a wager of five legs or more on odds no lower than 1.3 per leg. If one of the legs is a losing pick, the fan can then receive up to £10 back in a free bet, the amount depending on the size of the initial wager. There are, of course, terms and conditions. The lowest amount of legs you can wager on is five, any less and the offer isn’t applicable. Plus, the offer isn’t available on every match as a rule. The deal applies to a wide selection of games, but be sure to always check that a match is eligible for the deal before making a leg of your bet out of it.

Betfred acca insurance

At the time of writing, the Betfred acca accumulator insurance is only available on football matches, so that’s another thing to bear in mind. Also, the offer only stands on wagers made before a game’s commencement, so the deal won’t work on In Play bets.

Be sure to thoroughly check that the wager you make qualifies for the offer before taking action on an accumulator bet.

What Matches and Competitions Does it Apply To?

Betfred acca insurance is available on selected matches in the following football markets:

English Premier League, Championship, League 1 & 2, National League, FA Cup, League Cup, EFL Trophy, Champions League, Europa League, Scottish Premiership, Scottish Championship, Scottish League 1 & 2, Scottish FA Cup, Scottish League Cup, Spanish La Liga, World Cup, European Championships, International Friendlies, Germany Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, Dutch Eredivisie, Portuguese Super Liga, Coupe de France, Coupe de la Ligue, DFB Pokal, Coppa Italia and Copa Del Rey. Apart from international friendlies, all the divisions and leagues take place within Europe and its associated territories.

How to Claim Football Acca Insurance with Betfred

How to Claim  Acca Insurance at Betfred

Making a wager that’s eligible for acca insurance is easy. Simply head over to the Betfred site and log in (or register if you’re not a member), then find a minimum of five legs to wager on qualifying matches. Wait for the results to come in, and if only one of your legs has lost, you’ll be credited a free bet of up to £10 that will enter your account within 24 hours after the settlement of the final match. As long as your wager qualifies, and you only lost one of the legs, the free bet will be in the punter’s hand in no time. From there, the world’s your oyster, and, spent on the right wager, that free bet could lead to a serious payout for the right punter.

Betfred Acca Insurance Explained

Accumulator insurance can be a real benefit, and take the pressure of fans trying to cash in on the action. Although you only get to lose one of your legs to qualify for a return on money, it’s a big help, since the downfall of many accumulator bets is a near-miss on a single outcome. With Betfred acca insurance fans can rest easy knowing that if things don’t work out they still get another chance to line up a winning wager. All you have to do is wager on five or more legs on qualifying matches and wait for the results to come in, then if only one of your wagers loses, you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re not going away completely empty-handed. Wait for your free bet, so you can return to win again another day. Fans are certain to sleep a lot easier at night knowing that they don’t have to put the perfect accumulator bet together in order to see a return on their investment.

Betfred Acca Insurance Terms and Conditions

Betfred acca free bet

To qualify for accumulator insurance, wager on at least five eligible legs on qualifying matches. Cashed Out bets don’t qualify, neither do permutation bets. Only straight accumulator bets count. Accumulator picks voided, abandoned or postponed that leave you with under five legs cancel out your eligibility. Your free bet expires after 7 days from you receiving it if you don’t use it, and you can’t get the free bet back in cash. Nor can free bets qualify for the accumulator, and the offer can’t be used with other bets. Usual Betfred terms and conditions still apply. It’s also important to remember that the accumulator insurance only kicks in on legs with odds of 1/3 or above, so that’s something punters will need to bear in mind whenever they’re lining up the legs on a wager they want to qualify.

Receiving Your Betfred Acca Free Bet

The free bet of up to £10 will be credited to the player’s account within 24 hours of the result of the final leg of the wager being decided. From there, it’s up to the player to decide how they best want to use that bet, and it’s completely up to them what they wager it on. Be sure to use it within seven days of receiving it, though, otherwise the bet expires and you can’t use its value.

Already a Betfred Member?

If you’re already a member, you can get straight to capitalising off of Betfred acca accumulator insurance instantly. For new members, signing up for an account is completely straightforward. Just head to the site and register your details. From there you can get wagering. The good news is that new members also qualify for a fantastic bonus. Simply sign up and wager £10 on odds of evens or more, and you’ll get a full £30 in free bets, that you can spend on whatever you like. It’s a terrific offer, and should get you off to a flying start with this top bookmaker in no time. It’s completely straightforward and hassle-free, and should help players make the most of a great service.

Betfred Acca Insurance Is the Stuff of Dreams

With this offer, Betfred has gone the extra mile to keep customers happy. Fans will be happy to know that even if things go south, all is not lost. With accumulator insurance, it’s easier to enjoy making winning wagers without worrying about what the worst that can happen is. With a winning policy on acca insurance betfred is set to continue its winning streak and remain one of the premier bookmakers on the internet.

Betfred acca insurance

When the chips are down, there’s nothing like a helping hand to give fans a boost getting over a tricky result. Now it’s possible to recoup some losses and get another wager laid by for a rainy day. For our money, it’s one of the best things to happen to the bookmaking industry in ages, and, thanks to Betfred, wagering with confidence has never been easier. From veteran punters to casuals wanting to hedge their bets, the best offers on accumulator insurance are right here at fans’ fingertips. Now that’s service with a smile.

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Lloyd Doyle
Lloyd Doyle
03.07.2018, 14:31
Betfred can offer some comforts should you have a near miss on a big accumulator. Actually, any qualifying football accumulator that loses by the one leg with them, will receive a lost stake refund. This is through the Betfred Acca Insurance offers.
Frederick Leonard
Frederick Leonard
05.06.2018, 13:58
At Betfred, they’re offering their Acca Insurance on all football accumulators with five win/draw bets or more, meaning if one of your games fail, you won’t lose out. On any 5+ team accumulators, latest betfred acca insurance offers to return your stake in free bets, should just one team lose and let you down.
Troy Myers
Troy Myers
20.05.2018, 06:56
Betfred acca insurance applies to match result accumulators consisting of 5 teams or more and works so that if one team lets you down then you will receive your stake back as a free bet up-to £25. What’s most impressive about this promotion however is that it’s available on any game in any league.
Stephen MacDonald
Stephen MacDonald
15.04.2018, 12:35
Not only that this Betfred acca deals give you confidence when betting, but it has been especially created for sports lovers. There’s no reason to be afraid of losing, as Betfred give you a second chance. Loved it!