Acca Insurance Offers Are Available Now

Every punter knows the feeling when a wager doesn’t go your way. There’s no two ways about it, it’s one of the worst things in the world. But did you know about Acca insurance? The bookies are actually finally catching up with the punters, and providing you with a way to claim a little something back, even if luck isn’t on your side. As a result, you can wager with zero stress, safe in the knowledge that your wagering funds will potentially return to you in some form. There’s a whole world of great opportunities out there, but finding the right one can be daunting for a newcomer. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this exciting system. We’ve got a rundown of some of the biggest bookmakers out there, and with our help you can unlock these wagering secrets.
Acca insurance function refunds your stake in cash
EnergyBet Acca Insurance
Get up to £10 back
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888sport Acca Insurance
Claim Your Stake Back as a Free Bet
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Unibet Acca Insurance
Get up to £10 back
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William Hill Acca Insurance Acca Five
Claim Your Stake Back as a Free Bet
This great acca insurance deal means that you can safely wager on great accumulator bets with zero stress. The offer is flexible, but does have certain specific William Hill... read more

What Is Acca Insurance and How Do I Use It?

The Acca insurance meaning explained: it is a way for you to make your accumulator bets more reliable than ever before by guaranteeing bonuses. Anyone who enjoys placing accumulators on sports or other events is familiar with the feeling of frustration that comes when all but a single leg of your wager match up. It means that the entire bet is lost, and you’re left out of pocket. However, Acca insurance bookies have now introduced a system whereby you can actually claim back a certain amount, depending on the insurance offer.

A common system would be to provide a sports fan with the opportunity to claim back a certain amount if their accumulator failed to come through successfully. For example, if you wagered £20 on an accumulated wager, they might let you claim back up to £10 in the form of a free bet. This money would not count as real funds, only as bonus funds that have to be put through a number of wagering requirements. That said, some bookies to go so far as to offer punters their money back as cash. Make sure you check all the Terms and Conditions relevant to the offer.

Other bookmakers might offer you something back under certain parameter. For example, if your accumulator bet lost due to failure in only a single leg, they might provide you with a certain reward or special offer. However, again you have to ensure you check all Terms and Conditions. In this kind of Acca insurance offer, there are generally a few requirements. For example, you have to have placed a certain number of legs in your accumulator, usually at least three.

Acca Insurance Offers Acca Insurance Offers

Likewise many Acca insurance offers are dependent on certain wagering factors. For instance, any bonus funds you receive back on your accumulator will generally only be available for certain wagers. As with all bonus funds, you won’t be able to bet on odds under a certain amount, and will be limited when it comes to low risk wagering.

However, despite these conditions, Acca insurance can be a real help if you know how to use it. Sports fans accustomed to placing accumulator bets are sure to find that their wagering experience is less stressful, as long as they are familiar with what the insurance entails. If you’re in the habit of placing accumulators, it could be worthwhile investigating the kinds of insurance on offer.

Acca Bets and Accumulator Insurance Are Available From Top Bookies

By now, most of the larger online bookmakers have picked up on the idea of Acca insurance. It’s a system that benefits both the best Acca betting sites and the punters, and many are offering some surprisingly extravagant offers at this point. Particularly impressive are those that offer back cash funds rather than bonus funds, though sadly this practice isn’t especially widespread. However, as it is, there are plenty of great opportunities for punters to get something back if their legs don’t all match up.

If you’re a regular of any particular bookmaker, it’s worth checking out the Acca insurance deals they may have on offer. Failing that, we’re going to give you a complete run through of what’s on offer from some of the biggest names in the UK. Read on to find out exactly what you can expect from these top online gaming sites.

Ladbrokes 5 Team Acca Insurance

These guys have been one of the biggest names in the business for some time, and were one of the first to get involved with the world of Acca insurance. At the moment, their focus is on providing sports punters with the opportunity to get a little something back if their accumulator wager doesn’t go their way.

Ladbrokes Acca Insurance

As it stands, the offer allows you to pick up a load of extra funds if you’re let down on a single leg of an accumulator of five or more teams. Clearly targeted at football fans, it provides you with the opportunity to place an accumulator wager with less stress, as you know you can afford to miss out on success but still walk away with something extra. Key points of the offer are the fact that your accumulator has to fall within certain requirements regarding odds and the stake you place on it. Similarly, the funds you win will count as bonus funds. You won’t be able to withdraw them as cash, but once you’ve wagered them and fulfilled the wagering requirements, they’ll be yours.

We’re pretty happy with this offer. It’s ideal for any sports fans who enjoy placing accumulator wagers on a large number of teams. The terms are pretty generous, and as long as you’re well within the requirements, you shouldn’t have any problems making the most of your extra funds.

Betfair Offers Cash Back on Trebles and Above

Betfair Offers

This offer is truly one of the best we’ve seen. Betfair have long been industry leaders, and with this fantastic promotion they are pushing things ahead when it comes to Acca insurance. While most bookmakers have opted for the route of bonus funds, they’ve decided to provide fans with actual cash funds.As long as you’ve put down accumulators on trebles and above, you’ll be eligible to claim back a percentage of your losses with their fantastic Acca Edge system. It’s something that puts them a step ahead of all other bookmakers in terms of Acca insurance, and is definitely enough to get enthusiastic sports punters changing alliances.

While we would still caution all sports fans to double check the terms and conditions, we’re confident that you won’t find an option like this anywhere else. They’ll give you a refund if just a single leg of your accumulator falls short, putting you in with the best winning opportunity possible. Again, this is clearly an offer for serious sports fans, and we’d recommend you give it a look in.

Coral Super Acca up to 11 Folds

This top UK bookmaker has a pretty good selection of variations on Acca insurance waiting for you. They’ve been a popular sports bookmaker for a number of years, and are always quick to pick up on new popular trends. With Acca insurance, that’s no exception. They’ve got an offer for three different categories of accumulator wager, allowing you to tailor your rewards depending on your betting style.

Coral Super Acca

First off, we should point out that, regardless of how many folds you have to bet on, you will always be looking at extra bonus funds up to £25. That’s not at all bad, and more than many other bookmakers would offer under similar circumstances. The key thing about Coral’s offer is that they provide three different categories under which you can gain your rewards. The first category is for gamers wagering from six to eight folds. If you’re let down by just a single one of those folds, you’ll be able to claim back some or all of your stake. For players wagering an accumulator of nine or ten folds, two of them must fail for you to claim your insurance. And for players of eleven or more, three is the necessary number. It’s a fair system, though we do feel we should remind punters that all funds are released as bonus funds, and are subject to wagering requirements.

William Hill Acca Five Insurance

These guys have been at the forefront of sports gaming for years. They provide a truly superlative service for a wide variety of punters, and their Acca insurance option reflects that. While many other bookmakers are clearly concentrating on one kind of gambler, those interested in football for instance, William Hill have clearly cast the net wider for a more flexible deal.

As the name suggests, their accumulator insurance is available for bets placed with five or more folds. However, they’ve gone so far as to make the wager available for any possible sport, rather than a more narrow choice. The result is an Acca insurance option that is perfect for many people. You can claim the insurance back as bonus funds up to a certain value, and fortunately the option is there if just one of your folds doesn’t come through. That means fans who enjoy placing accumulator bets can do so with zero stress, safe in the knowledge that they’ll get something if just one of their choices doesn’t materialise.

All funds gained from this Acca insurance are available as bonus funds, and are subject to wagering requirements. Plus, like all bookmakers, these offers are only valid for a certain time, so don’t forget to check them as soon as possible.

Bet365 Great Acca Bets on Sports

Unfortunately, this great bookmaker does not currently offer their customers the opportunity to take out any Acca insurance. This is a shame, and we can only hope that this changes in the future. As things stand, it feels like more and more big names are interested in giving their customers the opportunities the policy provides. We feel confident that Bet365 will get on board some time soon.

Bet365 Great Acca Bets

However, just because they don’t offer any insurance, that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of some fantastic wagering opportunities. This bookmaker offers a wide range of possible accumulator bets, though they do tend to specialise in football. This is no surprise, as it proves to be one the biggest markets outright in the UK, and is possibly the most popular one for accumulators.

It’s easy to place bets with Bet365. There entire process is user friendly, and allows you to put your money on a number of different folds with zero stress. Their odds are competitive, and it’s easy for you to work out the best possible combination of wagers. If you’re looking to put together accumulator bets on football, these guys are a good choice.

888Sport American Dream

These guys are a top UK bookmaker, and have made their way up to become one of the best in the industry. There’s a ton on offer, and particularly for fans looking to place accumulator bets with some of the best Acca insurance around. Right now, they’ve got their sights set on one particular market, and they’re making the absolute most of it. Their current offer is targeted specifically at fans looking to get insurance for accumulators placed on American sports. There’s a selection of the biggest American leagues on offer, and all you have to do to qualify for their Acca insurance is place an accumulator of five folds or more on one of these great tournaments. If any of your bets fall through, you’ll be eligible for a stake match up to £25.

It’s a pretty great offer, clearly aiming to monopolise a particular wagering market. As always, the reward is given out in bonus funds. That means you’ll have to play through the money before you can withdraw any of your rewards. Plus, you need to ensure that, as always, any wagers are on odds above a certain amount. However, there are tons of great markets available, and the flexibility Acca insurance provides to you means you can wager with zero stress. If you’re looking to place some great wagers on American sports, you should definitely give these guys a look in.

BetVictor Acca Insurance Opportunities

This bookmaker has pretty good offers on, especially for any fans looking to make the most out of football accumulators. This has long been the most popular and profitable market, so it’s no surprise that these guys are making the most of the available options. If wagering with football accumulator bets is your preferred way to go, you should definitely give them a look in.It’s quick and easy to place accumulators with BetVictor. Their entire system is set up to allow you to complete the process with minimum fuss and effort. If you’re looking to make the most of your wager and qualify for Acca insurance, you’re going to have to ensure your wager meets all the relevant terms and conditions.

As for your insurance rewards, if a leg fails, you’ll often be eligible for bonus funds. It’s not always the biggest return we’ve seen in the world of insurance, but it’s still enough to make a decent difference. It’s at least a good improvement on getting nothing back. However, to be honest, there are plenty of other offers available that are considerably better. If you find the right wager at the right odds, these may be one for you to consider. They are particularly good when it comes to football promotions.

Betway Up to £25 Back


This bookmaker is one of the most popular sports bookmakers around. They’ve built up a dedicated following, and it’s easy to see why. For sports fans looking to place interesting accumulator bets at good odds, these guys have everything you need. The whole process is easy to complete, and it doesn’t take long for you to set up each individual leg.

As far as Acca insurance goes, they’ve got your standard offer. When you place an accumulator of five or more legs, above a certain set of odds, they’ll return your stake up to £25 if one of the legs fails. It’s a good offer, definitely something you can find in many other bookmakers, but still enough to make a pretty big difference. The returns are stored as bonus funds, meaning that they will be subject to a time limit. Similarly, you’ll be obliged to meet a set of wagering requirements before any winnings can be unlocked as cash. However, despite this, it’s a good offer for sports fans. We’d recommend you consider investing here if accumulator sports bets are your thing.

Unibet QuarterBack Sacked Rewards

Unibet is a top choice for fans looking to profit from sports markets. They’re one of the best in the UK, and they have a whole host of selections for punters looking to profit from accumulator bets. They’ve also got a pretty unique offer on hand for anyone with an interest in the NFL. If that sounds like you, it could be worthwhile taking a closer look Their Acca insurance offer is a very specific one. For anyone making an accumulator of four or more legs on the NFL, you can receive a free bet of £10 if any of your legs suffer from a quarterback being sacked. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the leg, they’ll still give you a bonus bet.

It’s a really unique approach, and certainly aims to grab any real NFL enthusiasts out there. It may be unorthodox, but it’s also a pretty impressive offer. It’s not often that you see the opportunity to call in your insurance on a winning match, but that’s what’s waiting for you. For our money, this is definitely one to get involved in if you’re planning on making accumulators on this great tournament.

Winner Cover Football and Golf Accumulators

This great bookmaker have taken things a step further to provide their customers with a whole selection of great Acca insurance options. They focus on football and golf, both top markets for sports betting. If you’ve got an interest in either of these, it could be worth your while checking out what’s on offer.

Winner Acca

Their football accumulator insurance covers a whole range of fold options, with varying degrees. If you go for a higher number of folds, you’ll be able to benefit from a percentage of cash returns on your bets. This really sets them apart from most other bookmakers. Generally, a bookie only provides bonus funds, which are subject to various wagering requirements. Here you can pick up an actual cash bonus, something that doesn’t happen often in online gaming.

Their other offer is on golf. Here they take a more standard approach. With accumulators of four folds or more, you’ll be eligible for a £25 free bet on any losing folds. It’s the usual thing that we’ve come to expect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. While it may not be as impressive as their football offers, it’s still enough to make a difference to your gaming.

Different Types of Acca Insurance Are Available

How does Acca insurance work? There are a few different types of insurance that you should look out for. The most usual one provides a free bet up to a certain amount, generally no more than £25. The amount you receive depends on how much your stake was. These kinds of insurance can be claimed when one of your legs fails. Any winnings are received as bonus funds, which means they will be subject to wagering requirements. They will also have a time limit within which they can be used, so you need to make sure you stay on top of all developments. This kind of claim makes up the large majority of options.

Some bookmakers provide players with cash funds as opposed to bonus ones. These are not subject to the same requirements, and can be immediately withdrawn, or used for further wagers. This option is far less common.

Generally, insurance claims depend on the amount of legs wagered, and the amount of legs that qualify for an insurance claim. Many bookmakers simply stipulate that your accumulator must consist of a minimum number of legs. Five is often the number chosen. Some bookmakers go further, and have specific criteria for insurance that depends on the number of legs. For instance, they may offer insurance if one leg out of six is unsuccessful, but two legs out of ten would have to be unsuccessful to make a claim.

With some bookmakers, their accumulator insurance options are available for any kind of wagering. However, some may only offer it on specific sports. Football is a popular choice, as it forms one of the largest wagering markets in the UK. Occasionally a bookie will be even more specific, choosing a certain league on which it will provide insurance. Or they may select a certain country, for instance all major US sports leagues.

However, as you’ve seen, the vast amount of insurance available is simply dependent on the number of legs involved. On top of that, most bookmakers will only allow legs of a certain odds value to qualify. For instance, it’s unlikely that you will be able to claim any insurance against a leg with odds close to 2.

How Does Acca Insurance Work When I Wager?

Acca insurance offers depend on you ensuring that you place the right wagers. If each leg of your accumulator fulfills the necessary criteria, you will be eligible for the insurance. The returns can be claimed following the event, depending on the terms of the deal. Essentially, it’s all just a way of making your wager safer. In the case of your wager not winning, you will at least know that you can claim something back from the bookmaker, usually in the form of bonus funds. That way, you can enjoy working out each leg of your bet with the minimum stress possible.

How Do I place an Acca Insurance qualifying bet?

You need to make sure that you closely check any terms and conditions associated with your deal. Generally, the best Acca bets will need to meet certain specifics to be considered. You will probably have to ensure any qualifying legs are at odds above a certain amount. Then, you will need to ensure that your stake meets a certain minimum amount. Finally, you should ensure that Acca insurance is available for your chosen market. Some bookmakers only provide it for certain sports or tournaments.

How Are Refunds Are Worked Out and Paid?

You will only be able to claim a refund under certain circumstances, which are laid out in the terms and conditions of the offer. First off, you have to have met all the necessary criteria for claiming insurance. If your accumulator bet did not meet the right criteria, you won’t be able to claim. This includes betting on odds above a certain amount, placing enough legs in your wager, and various other factors. Your eligibility for claiming on a leg also depends what happened in the other legs in your bet. It’s possible that, if you lost more than one leg, you won’t qualify for the refund. The refund would only be available one a single failed leg, not multiple ones. Similarly, unless the offer has certain specific conditions, you won’t be able to claim if all your legs one. Insurance is designed to provide losing bets with a consolation bonus, rather than rewarding success with yet more funds.

Everything You Need to Know About an Acca Bet

The Acca betting meaning: an Acca bet or accumulator bet is a wager that involves multiple legs, or separate wagers, tied up into a single bet. It must consist of multiple legs, and the more legs are involved, the higher the potential wins. An accumulator bet will pay off exponentially, depending on how many of the legs are successful.

If multiple legs of an accumulator bet fail or are not successful, the overall returns from the complete wager are reduced. All odds on an accumulator bet are calculated to take into account a wide range of considerations. It’s a complex business, but if an accumulator of say five legs pays off, the returns are astronomical

There is no limit to the number of legs that can be included in an Acca bet. However, naturally, the more legs you use, the less likely that you’ll have a successful outcome. As the number of legs increases, the odds of success become slimmer and slimmer. However, popular markets such as football are a great choice when placing Acca bets.

Most bookmakers make provisions for punters to place these kinds of wagers. As these wagers have become more and more popular, the ease with which they can be placed, and the accuracy of the odds, have increased. As a result, accumulator insurance has become a great option offered by a wide range of bookies.

This option essentially functions as a consolation prize when a leg doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. You’ll be able to claim some rewards even if you aren’t 100% successful. It’s a great innovation that has made this style of wagering far more accessible to a wide range of people.

Common Acca Insurance Terms & Conditions You May Encounter

  • Leg - A leg is a single part of an accumulator wager. Most Acca insurance policies only cover wagers of a minimum of five. You can add as many legs to your wager as you want, though each one increases the likelihood of an unsuccessful bet. Plus, many policies are only applicable if a single leg fails, rather than multiple ones. However, this isn’t always the case, and you may find deals that cover multiple unsuccessful legs.
  • Minimum odds - Generally, for a leg to qualify for insurance, it has to be placed on a minimum odd. You probably won’t be able to qualify if you are wagering on events hovering around the 2 mark.
  • Wagering requirements - Most Acca insurance payouts come in the form of bonus funds. These funds will not be available as cash. Rather, they can be used to wager on an event, and the resulting winnings must be wagered a minimum number of times before you can access them.
  • Maximum refund - Payouts are generally calculated based on the stake placed on the unsuccessful leg. However, bookmakers place a limit on the maximum they will pay out in bonus funds, regardless of the original stake. For example, if you wager £50 on a losing leg but the maximum refund is £25, you will not be able to claim back your entire £50, just half of it.

Acca Insurance Questions and Answers

  • Do I still Win on Successful Selections if I Have Acca Insurance? - Yes, you still get to claim your wins from any successful legs of your accumulator wager. The insurance is only applicable to the losing leg, or possibly losing legs if the policy covers multiple legs.
  • Can I Use an Unlimited Amount of Insurances? - Your use of the policy depends on the terms and conditions. As a rule you will only be able to claim with a single policy on each single leg of the wager. Also, you will generally only be able to claim if your wager had a maximum of one failed leg. More failed legs may mean that you are no longer eligible for insurance.
  • Can I Make Any Wager While Using Insurance? - No. Insurance is only applicable to wagers that meet the conditions of the terms and conditions. You will probably be limited by applicable odds, number of legs in the wager, choice of competition, and a number of other potential variables. You should carefully check all information in the Acca insurance terms and conditions before assuming you are eligible for insurance.