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Winner Acca Insurance Offers a Way to Wager with Zero Stress on Multiple Options

Accumulator bets have never been more popular, and it’s easy to see why. They give smart punters the opportunity to win huge amounts of money based on complex but logical wagers. The system initially became popular on football bets, and this remains one of the main markets. But there are many other options for you, and Winner have taken the step of promoting their fantastic golf wagers. With Winner acca insurance, you can place acca bets on these great competitions, safe in the knowledge that even if it doesn’t all come through, you’ll still get something back. This bookmaker is at the top of their game, offering great odds on some of the biggest events around. With the right Winner acca insurance, you can pocket rewards no matter what the outcome. Winner have been around for a while, and have made a name for themselves as a great sports bookmaker. They provide fans with competitive odds on a wide array of tournaments and events. As one of the best in the industry, it’s no surprise that their facilities for placing accumulator bets are unbeatable. With their user friendly site, it’s easy to check out the latest numbers and place legs with complete ease.

The Latest Winner Acca Insurance Offers Available

This top site has gone far beyond when it comes to providing fans with some great options. First off, they’ve decided to push the boat out and provide a wide range of Winner acca insurance on football matches. It’s not one, but a fantastic three different offers, all available on football accumulator bets. That means you’re pretty much guaranteed to get something back from your wager. And on top of that, they have another great deal available on golf acca bets. This is way more than we’ve seen on most website. The standard approach is to provide a single option, often only available on one sport. In providing fans with even more, they’ve assured themselves of their place as one of the best sports bookmakers around.

Golf Acca Insurance

As far as their golf offers go, the Winner acca insurance is straightforward, but good enough to make a difference. All you have to do is place an accumulator of four or more legs on PGA or European Tour events. If a single one of your legs does not come through, you’ll be able to claim back your stake, up to £25, in a bonus bet. It’s the standard approach to insurance, but is more than enough for most fans.

These are two of the very biggest events in the world, guaranteed to attract keen sports punters. With that extra money in your pocket, you can enjoy even more great wagers.

UK Football Acca Club

The football option of Winner acca insurance is far more interesting.

They’ve got a whole range of offers waiting for you. First off, if you place five acca bets with a minimum of four legs in any given week, you’ll be able to claim a £5 free bet from the bookmaker. Then, with any six leg accumulator, if a single one of your legs lets you down, you’ll be able to claim back your stake up to a maximum of £25 as a free bet. And finally, when you win on an accumulator of six or more legs, you’ll be rewarded an extra cash bonus up to an amazing £5,000! It’s a really really generous selection for serious football punters. There are a whole ton of opportunities waiting here for you, something that we have honestly not seen in any other bookmakers.

Winner acca insurance

It is worth reminding readers that all these offers do depend on quite specific terms and conditions. For example, on any of the offers above, you’ll have to ensure that your wagers meet a certain minimum bet to qualify for Winner acca insurance. On top of that, you’ll have to make sure that every single leg is at a certain odds minimum. If just one of the legs doesn’t meet that minimum, the entire wager will not be eligible. Also, in order to claim your £25 free bet on either competition, you must have failed on only one leg. More than one will mean you cannot claim your bonus wager.

What Matches & Competitions Does Winner Acca Insurance Apply To?

Winner acca insurance deals are available on either football matches, or on European Tour and PGA Tour golf matches. There is a complete list of the twenty or so European tournaments that the insurance will be valid on. You should ensure that you check the list before hand, to ensure that your wagers are eligible for claiming the Winner acca insurance.

How Do I Claim the Winner Acca Insurance Offer?

As long as your wagers conform to the Winner acca insurance rules, you will have no problem claiming your rewards. For the £25 free bet on football or golf, you must place an accumulator that meets the requirements of the offer. As long as your bet is of the minimum number of legs, minimum stake and minimum odds, you should have no problem claiming. You must also ensure it is on an allowed tournament. Once your final leg has been completed, if you are successful, the bonus bet will be placed in your account over the next few days. The funds must be used within ten days, or they will become invalid.

Winner acca free bet

To claim your £5 free bet on football, you must ensure that you have placed five accumulators in a single week (Monday to Sunday) on bets of four legs or more. At the end of the week, if you have met the requirements of the offer, the bonus will be credited to your account in the next few days. The bonus cash funds on win will be credited to you along with your winnings.


Winner acca insurance explained: say you place a £30 wager on an accumulator of 5 legs, on a valid football competition. If, at the end of the final leg, you have only failed to win a single leg, you will be eligible for the bonus. If you didn’t fail on any legs, or failed on more than one, you will not be eligible. You will be able to claim back your stake up to £25. This means that, even though you staked more than £25, you will not be able to claim back more than £25. This example is the same for the golf bonus, though to claim that, you will only need to include four or more legs in your wager.

Key Winner Acca Insurance Terms & Conditions

how to claim acca insurance at Winner

You need to ensure that your wagers conform to all Winner acca insurance terms and conditions. The most obvious one is the number of legs in your wager necessary to qualify. If you meet the minimum of five for football or four for golf, you will be able to claim the bonus. Any less and you will not. Then there are the odds. All acca insurance deals depend on your legs meeting a certain minimum set of odds. If just one of your legs does not meet the minimum odds, it will not be valid. You must also ensure that you only wager on certain tournaments. For the golf, only PGA Tour and European Tour are valid. For the football, there is a complete list of valid tournaments on the bookmaker’s site.

For the £25 bonus bet, and the £5 bonus bet for making five acca wagers in a week, the funds will only be available as bonus funds. This means that you cannot withdraw them as cash, but must use them to wager with the bookmaker. The bonus cash funds on winning acca bets will be supplied as cash.

How Do I Claim my Insurance Refunds?

This is how to claim acca insurance at Winner. The refunds will be made available to players a few days after they have completed the final leg of their wager, if the wager is eligible for Winner acca insurance. All refunds will be credited directly to a player’s bonus account. You cannot withdraw these bonus funds as cash, they have to be wagered on an upcoming event.

Not Yet a Winner Member?

If you’re already a member of the Winner bookmaker, all you have to do is head over to their site, log in, and start placing those fantastic accumulator bets. If you’re not yet a member, simply go to their site and follow the instructions to register. Once you’ve signed up with them, it’s worthwhile making a deposit. You’ll be able to claim back a generous deposit match on what you place there, thanks to their fantastic signup offer. Now that you’re familiar with the casino, all you have to do is check out the markets and start placing those winning bets.

And that’s everything you need to know about the fantastic Winner acca insurance. When it comes to deals like this, we have to say, this bookmakers exceeded our expectations. Not only are they providing great offers on multiple sports, they’re even offering players a range of opportunities within every deal. You can get involved online, and can even claim Winner accumulator insurance in store. There’s no end of amazing opportunities waiting for you thanks to these great bonuses. Check out their site today, and make the most of your solid accumulator wagers.

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Tim Klein
Tim Klein
03.07.2018, 14:31
Yes! The bookie offera winner acca insurance on two or three ball bets on golf as a free bet up to a maximum of £25.